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            Item no.            Mesh                Application
            RE-100          200-225        Household products
            RE-101             175        Household products
            RE-102             175       Stationery,metalizing
            RE-EVA             175               Toys,slippers
    Release agent is the FIRST layer coated on the PET film, it's function is to provide the peel offer power when you transfer which helps the image apart from the finished pet film.

    Due to different products, the peel offer power they need varies.

    · ????PRINTING INK

    No matter what design you want ,simple or complicated,by different colors of ink your design will be fulfilled vividly and colorful.

    Heat transfer printing can be adapted to more complicated design offerting more colors to choose form.

            Item no.



          NK-U series



          NK-A series



          NK-S series


                     As needed

    · ????OTHERS

            Item no.            Mesh                 Application
            RE-001           150-175                 See instruction
            RE-002           175-200              See instruction
    · ????ADHESIVE

    B?ased on different substates,diffferent adhesive will be applied to gain the adhesion between substrates and the image when transfer from the film to final products.

    We now offer below products for different substrates.

            Item no.            Mesh                 Application
            AD-200          150-175          ABS,PVC substrate
            AD-201             175                PP material
            AD-202          150-175                       PE
            AD-203          150-175                     Glass
            AD-EVA          150-175                  EVA use